Thursday, July 26, 2012

Disc Golfing 101 and Other Shortie Obsessions

There are actually idiots people out there on Facebook and Twitter counting down until school starts ~ Are you kidding me?  Any teacher worth their salt wants the summer to last FOREVER....stop ruining that for us!!!  I don't want my family to be running around in 40 different directions....I am so enjoying this lazy summer schedule so please keep your countdowns to yourself. [PSA from Teachers for a Longer Summer]

Raise your hand if you know my oldest son Cooper? [Many hands are raised right now and many more are wishing they could raise them :)]  He is currently OBSESSED [in every sense of the word] with disc golf.  The county put in disc golf courses at each of the high schools and the one at KM opened just before spring break this past year.  No lie, I bet he has played at least 3 times a week [with the exception of the weeks he was out of town] at that course.  The boy loves disc golf.  He seeks out courses to play if he knows we are going out of town and he carries his bag with him at all times. 

Cooper is that kind of kid that doesn't do anything halfway.  He has researched disc golf ~ he watches Youtube videos on techniques, he knows about all of the different kinds of plastics that the disc are made from, and he knows the best brands, styles, etc.  I have been amazed watching him learn all about this seemingly unknown sport.  He absolutely loves it.  In fact, he has also learned a ton about dying your own disc so he spent upwards of two solid hours the other night designing, taping, and dying some of his disc. 

I love the fact that he is willing to invest so much into learning about something that doesn't involve TV or video games.  I am glad he isn't obsessed with those things.  He is so much like me I suppose [because he's so smart and cute] in that he loves learning and gets bored easily [yes, we are nerds].  I love to hear him talk about discs [even though, most of the time, I ain't got a clue what he means] and techniques.  Actually, to live in this house, you need to just love to hear him talk because he does alot of talking [and that would be from his pops].

He is such an amazing kid [I know I am biased] and he is going to do great things.  Molly and I were talking the other day that he should go into ministry because he has a knack for people and a great love of the Lord.  Whatever he does, he will be good at it!  I love that kid :)

Speaking of obsessed...I can't stay away from Pinterest!  Its bad enough that I get on there and look for crap to make for my house, or to eat, or for my classroom but now I'm obsessed with quotes.  I love quotes anyway. [Yes, I am a nerd. It is now if it wasn't before right?] Some of these are just funny [to me anyway], some are from the Bible, and some I just liked.  Enjoy:

Not sure how to give credit for this one...can't find it!

These next two have to be in the favorites category.  I am sooooooo sick of getting on Facebook and Twitter to see women [some young and some old] that post pictures of themselves scantily clad and in provocative outfits.  PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!  [Some of you are currently saying, "Just unfollow them."  I have with a lot of them but I still see them.  It disgust me.  Put your clothes on.]  Vanity is so very unattractive.
Some of my absolute favorites are just random Bible verses:

I could go on and on and on [and some of you know I would] but I will stop with some that I think are just funny.  Follow Me on Pinterest [FYI...I may or may not have a slight obsession with Josh Hamilton.]

As always, life as a slightly obsessive Shortie is really awesome:)
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Saturday, July 21, 2012

If I Was Pandora I Would Play.....

I haven't gone away [though some of you might be hoping that would happen] but I've been very busy since coming home from vacation.  It takes a lot of time and effort to sit in the recliner, watch TV, and sleep late.  We had to take a vacation from our vacation right? In all honesty, I've been kind of bummed out this week.  I think it is because I had so much fun with my family but as soon as Monday of this week came they scattered like mice, back to their own lives and stuff.  I was kind of sad:(  [Some of you are do that rolling eyes thing right now.  You can stuff it.]

Really, not much has been happenning here at the Short house.  Craig went to the coaches clinic [aka testosterone fest] and Molly went to UNC for softball camp.  It was just the three youngest Shorties and ma.  We just had fun doing nothing.  Pretty soon, with football starting, we'll be as busy as ever so I don't mind having nothing to do. Really.

Coop, Gabe, and I went to get Moo from UNC today.  We had a heck of a time finding some decent toonage.  Molly has some CDs in her car but nothing we cared for [she loves her some T. Swizzle and country music] so we ended up doing a lot of station hoping.  We should invest in one of those thingies that you can play your iPod through in the car but so far, we haven't.  This whole dilemma [I realize it doesn't really qualify for dilemma status...really doesn't qualify for talking about but I'm going to talk about it anyway] made me think about the music that I like [since I am the important one that was driving and couldn't find some decent music] that I would play if I had my own Pandora station.  These are some of my favorite songs [and some of them go waaayyyy back]:
100. That's Not My Name ~ The Ting Tings [This one started off my run...back when I wasn't obsese and ran...I should really dust off that iPod.]
99. Ironic ~ Alanis Morissette
98. Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover ~ Sophie B. Hawkins [This one makes me want to smile and kick my own rear at the same time....thank goodness for not living in the past:)]
97. Zombie ~ The Cranberries [She has the coolest voice ever!]
96. All Out of Love ~ Air Supply [Now did you really think you would get away without having an Air Supply song?]
95. Your Love ~ The Outfield [Molly even loves this one!]
94. Centerfold ~ J. Geils Band
93. Home Sweet Home ~ Motely Crüe [Love, love, love me some hairbands!!]
92. The Flame ~ Cheap Trick
91. Goin' Back to Cali ~ LL Cool J [Man, I don't think so...]
90. Push It ~ Salt n Pepa [Thanks to my girl Stephanie!!]
89. Dyer Maker ~ Led Zeppelin [I have almost every song they ever made thanks to my favorite coach ♥]
88. These Arms of Mine ~ Otis Redding [I mean, if you've ever seen Dirty Dancing you gotta love this one.]
87. 60 Minute Man ~ The Dominoes [My daddy made us listen to beach music and Buffett on every vacation!]
86. Cherry Pie ~ Warrant
85. She's a Beauty ~ The Tubes [Craig HATES this song....which makes me really like it :)]
84. Heart and Soul ~ T'Pau [This song is one of those I like to sing loudly in the car....just pray you're never with me.]
83. Tin Cup Chalice ~ Jimmy Buffett
82. Gin and Juice ~ Snoop Dog [This one is a classic and I like it.]
81. Time for Me to Fly ~ REO Speedwagon
80. Glory Days ~ Bruce Springsteen [I have this album:)]
79. The Reflex  ~ Duran Duran
78. Give it Away ~ Red Hot Chili Peppers [Again, I must give props to Stephanie!]
77. Our House ~ Madness
76. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds - Elton John [I don't care if this song is about LSD.  I don't take LSD, haven't ever taken LSD, and this song won't make me take it.]
75. Wonderful Tonight ~ Eric Clapton
74. Friends in Low Places ~ Garth Brooks [I am a knew one of these would show up sooner or later.]
73. Shook Me All Night Long ~ AC/DC [This one reminds me of junior high dances!]
72. We Are the World ~ Various [Can't help it...I love it!]
71. Feed the World ~ Various [See 72]
70. Like a Prayer ~ Madonna [Super weird video but the song rocks.]
69. Summer of 69 ~ Bryan Adams [My very first concert in 6th grade and I still have this album.]
68. I Wish it Would Rain Down ~ Phil Collins [He is one of my absolute faves and my kids can't stand listening to it.]
67. Tell the Truth ~ Jude Cole
66. All this I Should Have Known ~ Breathe
65. Sharp Dressed Man ~ ZZ Top [My daddy's influence :)]
64. Jesse's Girl ~ Rick Springfield
63. Push ~ Matchbox Twenty
62. Jackson ~ Johnny and June Cash [How can you not like the man in black?!]
63. Simple Man ~ Lynyrd Skynyrd [But I will say that the Shinedown version is pretty awesome too.]
62. At Last ~ Etta James
61. Too Hot to Handle ~ Black Crowes
60. Purple Rain ~ Prince [You cannot be a child of the 80s without being a fan of Prince.]
59. Fat Bottom Girls ~ Queen
58. Cool It Now ~ New Edition [Now that one takes you way back:)]
57. Levon ~ Elton John [My daddy and I used to lay in the living room floor, talk, and listen to music...those are times I wish I would bottle and keep forever....]
56. The Promise ~ When in Rome
55. Here I Go Again ~ Whitesnake [Memories:)]
54. If You Leave Me Now ~ Peter Cetera
53. Lodi ~ Tesla
52. Give Me Three Steps ~ Lynyrd Skynyrd
51. Can't You See ~ Marshall Tucker Band [My favorite coach really likes this one!]
50. Bohemian Rhapsody ~ Queen [Another Stephanie throwback!!!]
49. The Devil Went Down to Georgia ~ Charlie Daniels Band [The CDB is classic music!]
48. Cry to Me ~ Solomon Burke
47. Hand Jive ~ Grease
46. Sister Golden Hair ~ America [My parents heavily influenced my early musical tastes...if some of you call this taste...]
45. Gravity ~ John Mayer
44. Karma Chameleon ~ Culture Club
43. Sister ~ The Nixons [This one is special to makes me think of my own sister.]
42. How Great Thou Art ~ Not sure? [This one hymn always makes me think of my Granny.  I could hear it over and over and over again and never get tired of it.]
41. Sake of the Call ~ Steven Curtis Chapman [Reminds of Carolina Cross Connection :)]
40. To Hell with the Devil ~ Stryper [I also have this album. Wish I had a record player....]
39. Shameless ~ Garth Brooks
38. Sugar ~ Tonic
37. Rain King ~ Counting Crowes [Reminds me of college:)]
36. Much Too Young ~ Garth Brooks
35. Changes in Lattitude, Changes in Attitude ~ Jimmy Buffett [Why can't I live on an island somewhere, where all drinks have tiny umbrellas and I don't have a thing to do?]
34. Bang Your Head ~ Quiet Riot
33. Seasons of Love ~ RENT [I should be more cultured and see more musicals....maybe one day....]
32. The Chair ~ George Strait [Not a huge GS fan but I really like this song...takes me back to Country Adventures and watching my parents dance.]
31. Space Cowboy ~ Steve Miller
30. Maggie May ~ Rod Stewart [Heard this one today!]
29. Young Turks ~ Rod Stewart
28. I'll Be There for You ~ Bon Jovi
27. Peaceful, Easy Feeling ~ The Eagles [Just the first of many my friends!]
26. Feed Jake ~ Pirates of the Mississippi
25. Wasted Time ~ The Eagles
24. Boys of Summer ~ Don Henley
23. Where the Streets Have No Name ~ U2
22. You Never Even Called Me By My Name ~ David Allen Coe [Guilty I suppose...]
21. Great Fillin' Station Hold Up ~ Jimmy Buffett
20. She Talks to Angels ~ Black Crowes
19. I Saw Red ~ Warrant [Told ya I liked the hairbands:)]
18. My Own Worst Enemy ~ Lit
17. Leather and Lace ~ Stevie Nicks and Don Henley
16. Go Your Own Way ~ Fleetwood Mac
15. Hotel California ~ The Eagles [I can so do the guitar riff!!]
14. Wait ~ White Lion
13. Missing You ~ John Waite
12. If You Want To ~ Weezer
11. Why Can't This Be Love ~ Van Halen
10. Take it to the Limit ~ The Eagles
9. Talk Dirty to Me ~ Poison
8. Sister Christian ~ Night Ranger
7. Don't Stop Believin' ~ Journey [It's about time Journey showed up on this list!]
6. Walk This Way ~ Run DMC and Aerosmith
5. Power of Love ~ Celine Dion
4. Edge of Desire ~ John Mayer
3. What You Give ~ Tesla
2. New Kid in Town ~ The Eagles
1. I Just Can't Get You Off My Mind ~ Lenny Kravitz

So, when I get to create my own Pandora station this will be the beginning of my playlist.  Music makes me smile:)
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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Some of My Favorite Things About DC

Well our week of vacation is coming to an end.  What an adventure we've been on!  Here are some of my favorite things about DC:
  • The National Archives ~ Everyone should take a trip to see these documents at least once!  I'm no history geek [though I am married to a pretty cool one] but I loved seeing the things there were in there.  I was able to look at the real US Constitution...that is just amazing!  Not to mention the very cool museum section in the back.  I didn't realize so much stuff was housed at the archives. 
Shorties on the Archives steps
  • Arlington Cemetary ~ I think my family has an obsession with cemetaries. A few summers ago we took the time to hang out at the Sunset Cemetary in Shelby a few times. [Yes, we hang out in cemetaries.  Don't judge us.] It's just cool to look at headstones and imagine what the lives of the people buried beneath them was like.  We like to look for the oldest headstones.  Arlington is just amazing and humbling. 
View from Lee's house at Arlington

  • The Space Shuttle ~ I was never able to see a shuttle liftoff in person. My dad took us to see one in 1988 and 31 seconds before liftoff the mission was scrubbed.  31 SECONDS!  That is as close as I've ever come.  I've seen the shuttle sitting on the launch pad but that's it.  Yesterday I was close enough to touch [I didn't touch it but I wanted to] the Shuttle Discovery.  Wow!!! My geek meter went to yeeeee hawwww!!  It was just one of the coolest things ever!  I took a gazillion pictures.
Yeah for the Shuttle!!
  • The Enola Gay ~ I was right next to the plan that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima.  That was just very cool to actually see this piece of history.  Amazing to look at it's cargo hold and know that is where the bomb was dropped. [Not that I am a huge fan of bombs and death but just the sheer fact that this was the actual plane was cool.]
I loved seeing this up close!
  • Monuments at night ~ I will be honest, I wasn't expecting this to be such a neat sight but I am so glad we went.  I especially loved seeing the Lincoln Memorial and the WWII Memorial lit up at night.  They are amazing during the day but illuminated they were spectacular.

But, by far, my most favorite thing about DC was spending time with my family.  We were together 100% of the time and it was SO MUCH FUN!  Not that I didn't already know this but I am so very blessed....I can't even describe it.  God has given me the opportunity to do many things in my life but this family vacation is the pinnacle.  We truly had the very best time.

Not to get all history teacher on ya but EVERYONE should visit DC sometime in their life.  There is so much to do, most of it is free, and the sights are worth the drive.  My kids LOVED it and Molly and Coop were on their third trip.  Emma was just at a really good age to enjoy it and understand.  Gabe was constantly in sensory overload - he couldn't wait to see the bookstore or gift shop to spend his lemonade stand money!   

Dorky I know...but it does look like she's holding the Washington Monument :)

We love Mr. Lincoln...can ya tell?

We took one last chance to see some things at Manassas Battlefield that we didn't get to see last Sunday.  [No, the porta john is not historical.  At least I don't think it is...]  Cooper had to go so we took the opportunity to pull the car right up to the door.  We found it so funny that we took pictures and video from our point of view. [Doesn't take much to entertain us...we is simple folks.]

This was just a fantastic vacation - Go to Washington DC!!  As always, all the way from Richmond, life is awesome :)

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

You Are Wasting All My Energy!!

Day two of Operation Take DC was fabulous!!!  We began our day with a trip to the White House.  We couldn't take our cameras in so there aren't any inside pics so you will just have to go with what I tell you about it.  We arranged a visit through one of our representatives and just found out like two weeks ago that we were selected.  It was a very neat experience.  There is a TON of security.  Two license checkpoints, scanning, dogs, more scanning, more police, the Secret Service [which was totally cool and kinda scary at the same time], and more security.  We did see Bo the dog parade through, the rose garden, and the room where Obama made the announcement Bin Laden was dead.  Good stuff!

From Pennsylvania Avenue

Shorties outside the White House
 Before our trip to the Capitol we went to the National Conservatory and Botanic [Yes, the sign says botanic and not botanical] Garden.  One of the things we found was a huge Venus we trapped some "bugs". [Can't take us anywhere....].
This one probably died after trapping Cooper!

We also visited the Capitol on Tuesday.  We were allowed to carry cameras for part of the tour and again, there was ALOT of security.  This tour was also arranged through the same representative that arranged our White House visit.  It's been many moons since I've been to the Capitol and alot has changed.  They now have an enormous visitor's center under the Capitol.
The Rotunda is HUGE!

Cast of the same statue that sits atop the Capitol
The tour guides we had were fabulous!  They were both young and in college but best of all, they were sooooo patient with the two little ones:)  Emma and Gabe did great but they were so full of questions.  We saw some very cool things in the Capitol.  We visited the old chambers, the old Supreme Court, and sat in a house session.  Incidentally, Gabe thought we were in a court.  He leaned over and asked me, "Who is the suspect?"  I tried to explain that we were listening to represenatives defend or oppose the new healthcare legislation.  "No, who is the suspect?"  So I answered, "They all are." So he says, "Why?"  My reply?  "Because they are all stealing our money." [Funny thing....we saw several of handful of represenatives that were there on iPhones, iPads, ect.  One rep was even looking at pics of Darth Vader and cartoons. The others were talking, leaving, etc. during the time we were in there.  Nice to see that Washington really does actually what I thought ~ very little.]  We absolutely loved it!

Our next stop was the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Again, no pics here.  This tour was OK.  I enjoyed seeing the process but there isn't much to see. I did learn that 95% of money printed each day is used to replace old bills. We saw a stack of money, all 20s, that was worth $6.4 million dollars.  That was cool. Emma and Gabe loved it.

Worth a mint:)

Emma had had enough by this point in the day!!

We decided to forge on, after three tours, and visit the Museum of Air and Space.  The last time I was in DC [several years 9th grade] this was the only Smithsonian I visited [at least its the only one I remember] . I love all things space related.  I should have been an astronaut.  I just think space exploration is totally cool [**GEEK ALERT**]. Emma and Gabe really enjoyed seeing it as well.  Molly and Cooper have been a couple of times so they showed us around.
I love the Wright Brothers :)

Find the moon!!

Love it...checking out the huge rockets form a perfect view!

Because we could not take anything to the White House we were forced to abandon the stroller as well.  This was not a good thing for Gabe.  By the time we headed to our car we'd officially spent close to 10 hours, straight, walking DC, taking tours, walking some more, riding the metro [which was an experience with Gabe] and walking some more.  Gabe was just tired.  He didn't whine until we began walking towards the parking deck.  He kept asking me to carry him but I just couldn't.  He rode a while on Coop's shoulders, on my back, and on Molly's back too.  Finally, when we'd all had enough, he lost it: "I hate all of ya'll for draining all my energy! My legs won't work!" and with that, right there on a street corner in DC, he sat and refused to move. [Not to mention we were right smack in front of the FBI building.] Earlier in the day Craig had been forced to pull out the big talk. He told Gabe that the Children's Police of DC were watching him.  He even made him wave to the them at the White House and promise to be good. [We are evil, evil people.] As Gabe sat, drained of all his energy, Craig reminded him that he could call the DC Children't Police.  The boy practically ran to the car...priceless.

We have really had an awesome time.  It's just fun being together. We've taken picnic lunches, we ate at a new Mexican place, we've had ice cream, and we've laughed:) I love my little family ♥



Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Arlington National Cemetary

All joking aside tonight.  I truly enjoyed visiting Arlington National Cemetary.  I have visited before, in the 9th grade, so I just remember bits and pieces. What a sacrad place.  It really puts everything into perspective to think that it covers over 600 acres of land and most of it looks like this below.  On average, they hold anywhere from 25 - 30 funerals in a day.  A day. That number is staggering to me.
I think this was a Civil War section but forgive me if I am wrong.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier during the Changing of the Guard Ceremony

Band leading funeral procession

I didn't mean to take a picture of someone's funeral.  Just a few minutes after I snapped the band we watched a horse drawn carriage bring in a flag draped casket.  Talk about an experience.  All I could think about was that this person fought for my freedom and lost their life.  There was an eerie silence in the park as everyone stopped to watch and pay their respects. 

Many thanks to all service men and women, past and present, who put yourselves in harm's way to protect those of us that do take our freedoms for granted. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Surprisingly [especially to those of you that know us well] we left right on schedule this morning.  The kiddos were more than excited.  In fact, we'd not even made it to 85 from 74 when Gabe said, "How many more minutes daddy?"  The excitement quickly waned and this is the result :)

Love that sweet mouth ♥

Not quite all the way asleep but quiet for the first time :)

Sweet girl ♥

And of course we can't forget DJ Coop!

My favorite coach ♥

About 15 minutes from Manassas, [or MAN-ASS-AS as Craig says it in chunks and as Gabe later repeated, "Are going to see a lot of asses here?"  Thanks Craig] the hotel calls to tell us we've been walked.  Now for those of you that travel a lot you may well know what the heck that meant.  However, to me, the girl who made and PAID for the reservations in FEBRUARY I was a little more than ticked off.  We arrived at the hotel to be booted to another one ~ WAY NICER :) We win!! 

Our first adventure was to Manassas [MAN-ASS-AS] Battlefield.  Short was loving this!!!  It was really cool and I had a great time watching the kids.  We decided to get Emma and Gabe some small Fuji disposable cameras for the trip.  We will have at least 10 pictures of the same thing from each of them.  I don't care - they totally loved taking pictures!!
Henry House where a poor old soul was killed in the crossfire - still standing at its originial spot.

Stonewall Jackson - This statue is pretty big!

Pointing to how Stonewall got his nickname

Ummmmm.....getting up at 4am is for the birds....He was so super tired!!

We didn't get to see much at the battlefield due to a huge thunderstorm that came bustin' up through Manassas [MAN-ASS-AS] so we are making plans to go back to see what we missed. It wouldn't be a redneck vacation if you didn't visit the Wal Mart now would it? We found one - IN A MALL - and this was the biggest Wal Mart I've ever seen [and I don't have to tell ya that I have frequented a Wal Mart or 10 in my time] and full of people - EVERYWHERE.  We got our groceries, ate, took showers [we smelled], then let the babies swim. 

Gearing up for day 2....more tomorrow!  As always, life as a Short is just plain AwEsOmE!!
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