Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I'll Take 3 S's and an R Pat

Tomorrow, March 31, 2016, is my daddy's last day at work.

When he walks out of Duke [Power, Energy...whatever its called] tomorrow he will be a retiree. [Now would be a great time to insert some kind of AARP joke but I'm not that kind of daughter I'm saving it for later.]

Let me 'splain a bit about my daddy.  

He is a working man. Even when he isn't at work the man is working.  For several years he has worked 4-tens [for those of you not well versed in HR language that means 4 ten hour days] but on the days off he was the busiest man I know. He doesn't do idleness.  

Now, after almost 39 years of working for the same company [which is an amazing feat] he's taking it to the house.  [Just a little side note here: My mom works from home.  My prediction is that his new job will be to drive her slap nuts crazy.]

I am so stinkin' happy that my daddy will finally get to do things he really wants to do without the pressure of a job. He deserves to be able to retire. 

My sister and I have never wanted for anything.  All of our lives, as far back as I can remember, we've been provided for because my parents have always worked. My mom and dad put themselves through college, then my sister and I through college [one of us took a little longer than normal but we turned out ok], then paid for two weddings,  took us on countless trips, bought and made meals, took us [my family, her family] shopping for shoes, clothes, and everything in between, provided for us when we needed it, and never, never, NEVER let us go without. 

The only thing my dad ever asked of us, my sister and me, was that we work and do our part to help out.  His favorite saying [now and forever]There's no free lunch. His other favorite saying: Save up.  We learned early having a job and earning our way was an expectation [Can't say that I've always been really great at either one of least not until I got older...and I'm still not great at the save up part.] We've always had good role models.  Everyone should be as lucky as us.

So, tomorrow, when it's quittin' time and Zippy takes his final walk [as an employee] down the sidewalk to his truck and drives out of McGuire Nuclear on his last day I hope he is smiling from ear to ear.  I hope he realizes the incredible legacy he is leaving behind for those that come after him. I hope those that come after him realize the bar has been set really high. [And for those that called him Grumpy all these years: All of you have had it all wrong. He is clearly the 3 S's: Stern, Stubborn, and Sweet and now he can add the R for Retired.] 

There aren't many men like my daddy. He is the finest man I know. He is and will always be the first man I ever loved and he is my hero. 

I am so proud to be his daughter. 

I love you Daddy. 

As a mutual friend of ours says...It's those changes in latitudes,
changes in attitudes nothing remains quite the same.

Enjoy the fishing Zippy!
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Friday, March 18, 2016


I lose things.


[Except weight and insanity.  Those keep hanging around.]  

Seriously.  I need an intervention. [I've said that before haven't I?  Still drinking Sundrop, getting on Facecrack, and hitting snooze instead of meeting my running partner at 5am. Maybe my intervention needs to be stop saying I need an intervention and just do it??]

It is a DAILY occurrence [and I will be honest and say I had to Google the word occurrence just now because I cannot spell a lick] for me to not know where to find my keys.  

Craig says, "Just put them in the same place every day so you know where to look."   [Just a little side note here:  Craig is about as uptight as they come when it comes to organization. He has a routine for getting ready, his clothes are all neatly hung in the closet by shirt color, pants color, etc.  He is meticulous about his Bible study and the materials that go with it.  He even organizes the dirty dishes in the sink.  I can't even close my dresser drawers.  It must be true love...or he's secretly plotting to kill me in my sleep.]

*Insert SHOUTING VOICE here*


I've found them in the couch cushions, inside of books, in the closet, in the kitchen underneath bowls or cups, in the floors, behind the bed, in the car [that's ├╝ber safe]....Heck, I even left them in the ignition at school one time, with the ignition turned so that it ran down the battery. [Incidentally I called him to come help me jump off my car.  He was so mad at me that he told me no. Hate it for him...his tough love didn't even phase me.]

This past Tuesday night I misplaced lost my phone. 

The kids and I were going for a walk since the weather was nice and time changed.  [I use the term walk very lightly because 25 feet into the excursion Gabe wanted me to carry him.]  Of course, since I've had 4 kids and I'm about to be 43 my bladder literally has a mind of its on. As soon as we got onto the road I told Molly I needed to run in and go to the bathroom one more time. 

Apparently, I handed her my phone.

During my 1000th trip to the potty, Craig asked Molly to move the car parked behind him so that he could go to the Y. She obliged and we went on our merry way.  

We returned home around 9pm and I needed to send a text message.

MY PHONE WAS GONE. [And this shocked NO ONE I live with since I'm pretty consistent with losing stuff. I'm really surprised I've never left a kid somewhere.]

We looked everywhere...the trashcan, the dishwasher, the fridge [I wish I could say I wasn't afraid it was in one of those places but it has happened], under the couch, under the bed, in every room of the house, in the pantry, outside, inside....everywhere.

Molly, Craig and Coop all used the find my phone app to try and locate it.  The app kept telling us it was in the front yard. [Again, I'm not proud but I started wondering if I threw it in the yard. I couldn't remember.  Who can't remember if they threw their phone in the front yard?  Why would anyone throw their phone in the front yard?]

Craig kept asking, "When is the last time you had it?"


NOW YOU KNOW THAT I DO NOT KNOW THE ANSWER TO THAT.  I CAN'T REMEMBER ANYTHING.  I DON'T EVEN REMEMBER OUR CHILDREN'S NAMES SOMETIMES.  I HAD IT BEFORE I WENT TO WALK.  THAT'S ALL I REMEMBER. [I know he already knew I had NO idea where the phone was or what I did with it. He just likes asking me questions he knows I cannot answer.]

All six of us where outside, iPhone flashlights out, looking along the road, in the yard, around the cars, and really anywhere for my phone at 9:30pm Tuesday night.  The high school baseball team had just ended so there was a lot of traffic up our road.  [I'm 100% positive that anyone who knows us was not the least bit shocked to see all 6 of us wandering like members of a flashlight cult up and down the road and in the yard. You are welcome KM. We love to entertain.]

Guess where we finally found it, over an hour later?  In the car that Molly moved.  She put it in the console and forgot about it. [Most normal folks would have looked in a vehicle first.  Not us. That's way too simple.]  Craig could barely hear the P-I-N-G.  

I guess I'm not that crazy after all. 

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Friday, March 4, 2016

YOUR Clothes

**Guest post by Molly tonight.**

Today in convocation, I had the privilege of hearing Pastor Saeed Abidini share about his time in a harsh Iranian prison for the last several years. He entered the Vines Center to a standing ovation. It was powerful, and it was very enlightening to now have been privy to hearing about the persecution of the church in our world. After being asked how he was able to convert 30+ people in prison even under such deadly persecution, he said something that really stuck with me. He replied, (I will paraphrase because I cannot remember his exact words), “I learned that the firmer you stand in your faith, the more the enemy retreats…” I have included this rather unrelated bit of information, specifically the quote, from this morning because I think it also resonates well with the topic about to be discussed.
(You can watch convocation online using this link

Human trafficking currently holds the lives of an estimated 27 million people around the world.

In our American culture of “it’s all about me” we, more than anyone else it appears, seem to completely disregard this issue and instead fight over, advocate for, whatever it may be issues that are not issues in the least little bit.
(i.e., the fact that Leonardo DiCaprio just won his first Oscar and talked about global warming in his acceptance speech…)

So, this post is a wake up call!!! And also a chance for those of you who may not know much about this issue, or the organizations that are in the fight to end it, to learn.

This semester, I am currently interning with an organization out of Lynchburg called Freedom 4/24. 4/24 is a nonprofit organization that raises funds through fundraisers, donors, 5k races, events, etc. that exists to raise awareness for the sexual exploitation of women and children around the world. They partner with several organizations that work specifically with victims and their rescue and rehabilitation, including safe houses in Charlottesville, VA, India, Thailand, and Uganda. 

One of the ways they raise money is through the use of their Instagram shop, “frocks4freedom,” which sells “like new” name brand, women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories at unbeatable prices.

If you have an Instagram, follow @freedom424 and also @frocks4freedom!!! 

Not only will you be able to find really cute, cheap clothing from places like J.Crew and Talbots, but you will also be doing a small part to help those currently trapped in slavery. New items go live each Thursday night at 7:00 p.m. EST. I am one of the facilitators of the page, and I can tell you that myself, and the other two girls (Emily & Kentcie) are working really hard to get the word out and have this awesome mission grow.

I will be participating in a clothing drive for the month of April and basically, it goes something like this: If, at the end of the month, I have not worn an item of clothing for the entire month, I hang it up backwards in my closet and take those items hanging backwards and donate them… in this case to frocks4freedom. Will you participate with me?

If you are at home (Kings Mountain) and have anything you would like to donate, I would be happy to get that from you and deliver it to the office myself! I will actually be home for spring break from March 13-March 20, but can also make arrangements to get your items after that time, as well!

Your sister in Christ,


Matthew 5:43-48
Matthew 25:31-46
1 Peter 5:6-11

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