Sunday, November 24, 2013

But I Already Took My Bra Off!!

OK ladies. I know you can relate.

It's been a long day at work.  You are tired.  Your feet hurt.

You take off your bra and the day goes with it.  

[Some of you just said, "Wait a minute...seriously? Is she talkin' about her undergarments?" Yes. Yes I am.]

The other night, Craig wanted me to run to the store [probably for some cookies or something else to add pounds to my thunder thighs....I think he's trying to put me on Biggest Loser or The Victoria's Secret Models You'll Never See Christmas Special] and my answer was simply, "I already took my bra off. Sorry."  For some reason that response made him laugh, hysterically.  In fact, he found it so funny that he told me today I should write a book with the title, But I Already Took My Bra Off.  [I am 99.9% sure it would be a best seller.]  

So there you have it people.  Now you know what happens at Casa de la Shortie. 

That, my friends, is why you always call before you come to my house.


Monday, November 11, 2013

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

I have been absent for a while because, quite frankly, my attitude sucked. [Might as well not beat around the bush.]  For the better part of a year I've been battling this inner turmoil...

You are too fat to be successful at running....give it up.

You are ugly.

Why would anyone want your help?

You are a terrible mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend teacher coworker....

So what did I do?  I listened to those things, so much so that I began to believe it all.  Then, this past Saturday, it was like someone literally hit me upside the head [who knows...might have been Gabe...or Craig...] and His voice said, "Good gravy girl!  Snap out of it.  I love you ~ what else matters?  Do it all in My name.  Do it for Me."

So what else is a girl to do when God is talking to her as she travels down 74 to the Pancake House in Shelby? I tell you what she does ~ she listens.  She says, "OK Lord.  I need your help because I am tired of who I've become.  I don't want to be this girl anymore.  I know that you love help me love me."

Life ain't easy. [Thanks Captain Obvious]  Since hitting 40 I've felt so insignificant, old, and basically, washed up.  But what has been more apparent than anything else is that I am in control of nothing if I don't give it all up to God.  I have proven:

I cannot do this by myself.

Along with that nice little toe-stepper Saturday, then the sermon on Sunday was written just for me.  I wrote down one point and underlined it:

Your character affects your influence.

I need to reflect Godly character at home, at my job, with friends, everywhere. That cannot be done without being in tune with Christ.

That  cannot be done alone.

I need to give it all to Him.

I heard the hymn, It is Well, as I was getting out of the car for Sunday school yesterday morning.


Goodbye to looking for something that can't be found ~ Utopia...Emerald City ....Easy Street.  

It is well with my soul.