Saturday, April 23, 2011

One Small Step

So I love! My first experience with them was a video during the Overflow service at First Baptist Church of KM. [FYI ~ The COOLEST and MOST AMAZING church EVER. We are so very blessed to be a part of a such a wonderful place. We've met the most amazing people, made some of the most amazing friends ever, and are truly thankful to God for leading us to join.] Igniter Media has some of the coolest videos ever. Some are specific to holidays, some are specific to problems people face, and some are just about church, religion, Christ, etc. I found this one today while on Youtube and it really spoke to me.

I am struggling with running and weightloss and preparing for these triathlons. My amazing mother has lost 42 pounds and she looks fabulous. She rides and swims almost every day. My awesome sister has lost nearly 15 and she is kickin' rear and taking names when it comes to the swim, bike, run thing. She has a little over 3 weeks until the Iron Girl in the ATL and she is going to do so great! I am so proud of both of them. They are so dedicated and they have really worked very hard since we started this triathlon thing. What about me? Hmmmmm....well let's see. The last bike ride I took was in November? The last swim I took? September 26 - the day of the Ramblin' Rose. The last run? Hmmmm.....April 2nd across the Cooper River Bridge. I haven't been to the Y all week. [It has been spring break and all but...] I have worked in the yard all week with Craig and the kids so it's not like I've sat inside and watched TV. [We didn't even turn the TV on until late at night to watch the news and weather - just like Granny ♥] I slung mulch and planted flowers and hauled the wheel barrow full of stuff all week.

I am disgusted with me. I am a busy person - just like mom and Summer. I have four kids going in four different directions, a full time job, a part time job [that is feeling way too full time these days] and a husband that is the head softball coach that is in the middle of his best season at KMHS. Throw in cleaning the house, cooking dinner, buying groceries, and the other every day things that parents have to do and time is precious. Not to mention finding time to spend with 4 fabulous children and one fabulous ain't easy. I cherish the hour, each day, that I manage to squeeze in a work out at the Y. 25 - 30 minutes on the treadmill, 25 - 30 minutes lifting weights and I'm done. I want to do Zumba and yoga but right now I just cannot. [I could do the Zumba two days a week, @ 5:30am but so far I haven't had the energy to drag my fat butt outta bed to get there] The yoga class is on Thursdays and Saturdays mornings but again, I'm always somewhere else on those days.
I have to MAKE the time.
I have to MAKE the committment.
I have to MAKE the effort.
So on Igniter Media I found the above video and it made me think. It is small steps that are going to get me there. The mountain seems really huge right now. But, with effort and committment, I will get to the top [or at least the top won't seem so far away]. And, to quote RENT, no day but today :)

Monday, April 18, 2011


So it's my 100th post tonight. Exciting huh? [Super eye rolling going on right now I am sure] And, to top it off, it is spring break ~ WOOOOO HOOOOO!!! [Those of you that aren't teachers are seriously eye rolling now. You can stop. You could have been a teacher. We make tons of money AND have our summers off. So there.] What a fabulous day it was today. Our day began by waking up to Emma and Gabe running, top speed, through the house. And there was screaming. Lots and lots of screaming. Of course, it was only 8am. [That constitutes sleeping late at the Short house] We decided to keep the preschool bully home with us today. [The daycare really needed a break] He and Emma immediately went outside with me. I was cutting monkey grass and pruning rose bushes [or pruning monkey grass and cutting rose bushes - not sure what is what. I know what monkey grass and rose bushes are...I was talking about pruning and cutting] Of course, my lack of a green thumb was immediately noticeable. I took to sending pictures on my cell phone to my mom and dad, making sure I hadn't cut something too short. My mom tells me that it is hard to mess up a rose bush - she obviously doesn't know that I can't tell a plant from a weed. In fact, on Sunday, my dad and I walked around his house and I pointed at things growing in his yard, "What is that 'cause I have one of those in my yard?" Sad. I have the beautiful yard and I can't take care of it!!!!! I need a gardening intervention - immediately! The babes played outside all day. I could not believe it. We didn't even turn on the TV [That, in itself, is a complete miracle. Serioulsy.] Molly even made her way outside [way later than the rest of us 'cause she was still asleep. Shocker I know] and spent most of the morning coaching Gabe and Emma on the finer points of tball. Gabe is just excited to make contact with the ball and Emma swears that EVERY hit is a homerun. After the coach released them from "practice" they decided to give each other tattoos on the swing set. Yes, I said tattoos. They were each taking turns giving the other tattoos. Emma wanted one that covered her back and Gabe just wanted one on his calf. [Fast forward 15 years to Gabe and Emma's tattoo parlor, "Hey Gabe! Do you remember when we used to pretend to give each other tattoos? Ha ha ha ha!"] This was just after Emma tried to jump over Gabe, balled up on the ground, by flying out of the swing. [We thrive on danger and nonsense at our house. Don't judge us.] Short and I ended up taking a huge load of brush [that's the correct term] to the dump. It took us almost 15 minutes to unload it. And we probably have at least two more loads of junk tomorrow. [We've probably cut down some endangered tree or bush or something really important and left the weeds.] The folks that lived here before us left a bunch of junk out by the building - random rebar, paint cans from 1974, half a garden hose, 3/4's of a birdhouse, and a ton of those tomato stakes. Not to mention those half-barrell looking planters in the backyard - we have two. My goal is to win Yard O' The Week in KM. [And avoid getting poison ivy in the process - found some of that too.] Tomorrow is mulch day. [And apparently mom (aka me) is getting up to fix some fancy, smancy breakfast for the masses. Really? It's spring break. Eat some cereal and let me sleep.] And hopefully Paw Paw will be here soon to till the garden otherwise Emma is going to lose it. [And she is THE diva - it's not too pretty - she acts like her daddy. Those of you that know me know that is absolutely, 100% true. 100%] And Thursday you ask? Well that's the Parrothead reunion. And that great fillin' station hold up cost me two good years. I can't wait! [Not so sure that Short is as excited as me. He keeps asking me if he'll have a good time.] Fins to the left, fins to the right and you're the only girl in town. It's been a few years since I've seen him in concert and it's always a party. I like mine with lettuce and tomato. Heinz 57 and french fried potatoes. I love spring break ♥ As always, life as a Short is fun :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Next Two Years?

So I've been thinking alot lately about turning 40 in two years. First of all, where did all the time go? Secondly, why in the world am I so blessed? Lastly, I often wonder what life will be like in the next 40 years. [Sounds like a sad country music song doesn't it?] Seriously, my Moo will be 16 this year ~ it seems like it was just yesterday that we brought her home, looked at each other, and said "Now what?"!!! [Incidentally, we sometimes still look at each other and say that about her...and Cooper....and Emma. With Gabe we just say, "Does not surprise me at all."] What are the things I want to accomplish, in the next two years, before I am 40? [Thought you'd never ask.] The list is long but accomplishable [Some of you are cringing at my made up word - I don't care. Don't be so uptight. Live a little and break the rules of grammar one time....yes, even you Stephanie!] I was going to name this The Bucket List but decided that this isn't the "list" but A list. Everyone needs some perspective....and this is mine: 1. Take my kids back to Disney World. 2. Run a half marathon [If you refer to Run Missy Run then you will know that training hasn't been my strong point through this whole running thing.] 3. Finish the Ramblin' Rose in under an hour. 4. Learn how to shag and then go shagging at Myrtle Beach. [Shagging as in I Love Beach Music and Sixty Minute Man for those of you thinking otherwise] 5. Read classic literature like Pride and Prejudice. 6. Get new furniture and learn a thing or two about decorating my house. 7. Go to Key West with Short ♥ 8. Lead a women's Bible study at my church. 9. Volunteer. 10. Raise lots and lots of money for Susan G. Komen. 11. Be the kind of teacher that kids will never forget because they had so much fun learning. [Sounds sort of teacherish but it's from the heart.] 12. Get a tattoo. [Some of you have now officially given up on me. Don't judge me. I have my reasons but I choose not to share now.] So there you have it ~ my goals in a list. Funny thing is, I've never made a "To-Do" list in my life. I don't even wear a watch and I cannot tell you how many pocket calendars there are, floating around my house and desk at work, that have NOTHING written in them. This should be interesting. I'll keep you posted :) I had a fabulous week at work but I am so very glad it is time for spring break. Everyone has asked me what my plans were for the week and my answer? As little as possible :) I am planning on spending lots of time with my sweet babies and my favorite coach, working in my yard [Thanks to Donna, Emma has cucumbers and squash seeds for her garden], letterboxing, and making time to run. [I've got a little wager with myself that, come May 7, I will be ready to run the my next 5k well enough to beat a certain someone who shall remain nameless to those of you out there in cyberspace.] With another KM win tonight, the weekend is starting out pretty well. Emma and Gabe have their first Tball game tomorrow and based on practice..... should be interesting. I'm not sure if he was dancing or doing karate or doing dancing karate. I do know that he looks like the hammer wielding turtle from Super Mario Bros with that batting helmet on his head.

As always, life as a Short is just awesome :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gettin' My Spring On

So I've tried for nearly 45 minutes to get a stupid video from Youtube to embed into this stupid blog and the stupid thing is not working - STUPID!! [Ohhhhhh....Gabe says stupid is a bad word.] There you go....what I get for saying stupid over and over again.... You know what is stupid? People that think it's all about them. [Some of you are really scratchin' the noggin going, "Where the heck is she going with this one?"] Two words for you: Parents. Sports. Let's just say it's been a tough season so far. I cannot stand to sit in the bleachers and hear people talk about kids that are playing. Seriously? Are you kidding me? There is nothing more redneck [including me using a screw driver as a pointer in my classroom to show the answer to a question on a reflectance graph....Google that one my friends....reflectance graph, not screwdriver] than some IGNORANT fan, in the stands, complaining about a kid that is playing. THEY ARE KIDS!!! These are not professional athletes, getting paid bazillions of stupid [there I go again] dollars to play. They are playing because they want to be out there and they are still learning. And if they are not getting to play then perhaps they [That would include the parents who find it so easy to throw everyone else under the bus except for their kid] should reflect on what they need to be doing to get into the line-up or on the track or in the next series. Stop blaming everyone and excuse the cliche: THERE IS NO "I" IN "TEAM"!!! And here's another hint for you.... You are not entitled [just because you put on the uniform and you're on the team] to ANYTHING!! There is not a coach out there that owes you ANYTHING - you have to earn it. I'm not an athlete - don't even pretend to be one - but I am around them alot. I am simply sick to death of the entitlement that some think they are owed....especially when it's coming from parents. GROW UP and SHUT UP.... [Please excuse me while I put my soapbox neatly back in the closet.....] Now, in other news, it is springtime ladies and gentlemen. I simply cannot wait to see what blooms in my yard. [FYI - even when it blooms this chick ain't got a clue - I leave weeds and pull up flowers for goodness sake. Is there a gardening intervention?] My daddy is coming some time over the next few days to till us a place for a little garden - do you think I even know what to plant? Ummmm - NOOOO!! I was Googling gardening in NC today so that I know what I can plant and when. Emma's really excited so I hope it happens. As always, life at the Short house is most excellent.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Run Missy Run

Long time no type [I am so clever] my friends. Too much going on to 'splain [plus, doubt VERY seriously anyone wants to hear about it anyway]. The Shorties have been up to no good, as usual. If you read Facebook [Ummmm...who doesn't? My dad.] then you already know the conversation between Craig and Gabe, while playing army mans, about a week ago: Gabe: Daddy, I'm gonna whoop your butt. No...I'm gonna whoop your A**. Craig: Gabe, we don't say things like that. Gabe: Yeah, I knew I shouldn't have said it. Then Craig shoots me a look like I strategically placed that word in Gabe's head for him to use in that conversation. [Maybe I should whoop Craig's A**?]. He always blames these situations on me....I just don't get that. Emma had a tooth extracted last week [the tooth fairy, it seems, has no bias towards good teeth or bad teeth] and she was shocked that she only earned two bucks. She figured going through all of that was at least worth a Lincoln. [What she didn't figure was that the tooth fairy was a little low on cash seeing as how payday wasn't until Thursday and the tooth was placed under the pillow on Wednesday night. The tooth fairy really needs a savings account for these times.] My wonderfully awesome little sister and I decided to tackle the Cooper River Bridge Run this past weekend. Let me say, for the record, that I have not actually been on a run [as in outside, feet to the pavement] since Octoberish? I do go to the Y every night and since November I have lifted almost 340,000 pounds on the machines [you do not want to meet these biceps in a dark alley...just sayin'] but I was CRAZY [not breakin' news I know] to think I could run all 6.2 miles. I wanted to [but that and 25 cents would get you a cup of 1950] and I really wanted to be one of those super fly chicks with the cute little UA running outfits and matching shoes. But, there I was, struggling to conquer the mighty mammoth, cursing myself under my breath. I wanted to fly over that bridge but instead I felt like a huge failure, crushed under the weight of my own insecurities and lack of preparation. What fool would attempt to run 6.2 miles without preparing? This fool. It's not that I don't want to be a better runner....I want desperately to get better at running. But I am soooooo slow. And I hate running alone [it makes me nervous - not that ANYONE would follow me but it did happen one time and now I'm skeered to go alone]. So I push forward and I come up with a plan. I've accomplised many things in my life - this shouldn't be this hard..... My sister, Summer, rocked the bridge run! I am so proud of her...she went from No K to 10K and ran 4.5 of the 6.2 miles. She happens to be awesome :) Of course, neither of us was too smart when we decided to run/walk 6.2, then put on flip flops [cheap ones at that] to go back into Charleston to LBX for another 4 hours [walking many, many blocks, through the streets of Charleston, looking for hidden boxes with tiny stamps] - we almost didn't make it back to the car. We were going to head back to the Isle of Palms and take a walk on the beach but our legs said, "Ummmmm....hate to tell ya sister but that ain't happening...not tonight." And we gladly obliged. So, as I head into the first full week of April [and counting down the days until Spring Break...actually it is 14,445 minutes from right now, as I type, until the last minute of the day on 4/15 - but who's counting?] I look forward to what God has in store for the always, life is good.