Thursday, March 14, 2013

Needing a Good Swift Kick in the Pants

I have no time to blog anymore. [Stop clapping.] I seriously am having great difficulty finding time to fit in using the restroom and brushing my teeth [both are necessary]. Yes. I am that busy these days.  I feel like the last month has been a whirlwind of really bad hair days, super bad makeup [done in the car], too many late nights [and pots and pots of coffee], and extreme fatigue as soon as the clock strikes 6am.  I. AM. TOO. BUSY.  Forget running or exercise unless that can be done between the hours of 2am and 3am [which might be good but I am not seeing that happening in my world].  Couple the fact that I can't lose weight with the fact that my bad hair days are all running together and you've got yourself the makings of a very scary Lifetime movie my friends.  Advice anyone? [organization skills, weight loss, better hair....I am open for anything at the moment.  Really.]

I just feel so defeated.  Seriously. I cannot pick myself up out of this seemingly bottomless pit.  I can't seem to get it all together and I am not really sure when and where it fell apart.  In my warped world it's like someone just hit me over the head and, when I woke up, nothing was where it should be [such as that annoying bit of hair that won't stay up no matter how many bobby pins and 80's caliber Aquanet-like hairspray I use].  Those of you that know me [first of all, let me apologize] know that I ain't never been real detail oriented.  For goodness sake, most of the time I'm counting children in the car to make sure I have the alloted number that have been assigned to my watch.  I can see the big picture but have never really taken the time to decide how to get there [mixaphorically speaking].  Apparently, I've been really oblivious lately or I'm stuck in slow motion - or alot a bit of both. 

Something has to give soon before it gets ugly [and I've passed a few mirrors here lately and the only way to go is up].  I need a good swift kick in the pants and I need it now.  Please.  I never realized getting old could make someone feel so bad about themselves...I will be 40 on March 24.  I am struggling and finding great difficulty finding my footing at the moment. Prayers are appreciated. 

On a completely different note [and one way more important than me] I am asking for prayers for Scotty Hill.  He is still battling, like a trooper, the nasty "C" word.  So...I have a request. I don't have many followers [the world is thankful for that one] but I am asking everyone to send Scotty a card as a note of encouragement.  He needs to know that we are all praying for him.  Send me a private message, at, and I will send you an address.  There is actually another young man at our school who is also battling cancer and I will include his address too. 

The Shorties are all well....softball season has started for Molly and my favorite coach, Gabe has NOT been expelled from school [yet], Emma has grown about a foot, and Cooper is still cracking us up on a daily basis. Speaking of Coop, I find out through a good friend that my son sends a nightly text message, to 26 of his closest friends, with a Bible verse of the night.  Now if that don't make a momma proud then what does?  Thankful to my God that my children are walking with Him and that they are being bold in their witness.  I want to be just like them:)

As always, life as a Short is good.