Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hot Tamales and Homecoming

[It's been a while.  Forgive me.  I will explain later but now isn't the time.]

Gabe has kept us on our toes this school year.  He frequently gets his clip moved. [Back in my days of teaching elementary school we turned cards and gave stings. Now, thanks to Pinterest, we are a little more crafty.] Unfortunately, his clip is being moved down instead of up....not good for him. One day it was for teaching the other 1st grade boys how to fart with your hand in your armpit [or armpips as Gabe calls them].  When asked the next day if he continued to do this he answered, "Yes but today I made sure my teacher wasn't around." At least he's honest.

Another time his clip was moved for talking in the hall.  He told me that the whole rule about no talking in the hall was crazy.  My reply was, "Well so is your daddy but I still have to do what he says." But it was the next issue with him that nearly sent me over the edge.  

I get a note saying that he peed in the floor. [Yes, you read that correctly, he peed in the floor.]  Good gravy....He's in first grade!!!  Upon further investigation, I found out that he peed in the floor of the boys bathroom.  Here is his story: Well there is always wet stuff around the toilet and I didn't want to get my shoes dirty. I just backed up, but didn't touch the door with my butt, and I peed.  I tried to hit the toilet but I was too far away. My response:  If you ever, EVER think about doing something like this again then I will sent diapers and wipes to school with you.  [I will have a serious ulcer by the time he gets to middle school.]

I have threatened him with no baseball if he continues to act like a bafoon at school.  Being the meanie mommy that I am, I told him he would show up and tell his team why he was sitting then he would sit and watch them play.  So far, so good.  We'll see how long this lasts....I am not going to hold my breath.

He did share with me that he thinks one of his first grade classmates is pretty. This was the conversation:
Gabe: ***** is one hot tamale! [As always, unless you are a Shortie, names are withheld to protect the innocent.]
Me: Well don't ever tell a girl she is a hot tamale.  You can tell her she is pretty but don't call her a hot tamale. 
Gabe: Oh I won't but I did ask her to be my girlfriend.  
Me: Well what did she say?
Gabe: She told me no but that's OK - I'm gonna bug my way in!
Craig: That's my boy!!
And that is our youngest ladies and gentlemen.....

[Now on to the normal child of the Shortie clan....]
My sweet Molly was a part of the homecoming court this past Friday.  She was the FCA representative. Even though she didn't make the top five to be considered for homecoming queen, she had an absolute blast.  She was simply super excited to be a part of the celebration.  

I wasn't ever considered for homecoming in high school.  I was more your nerdy, wall flower type. [Funny how nothing changes...] She is the only senior that has been a four year member of FCA so she was the logical representative.  At first, she wasn't totally into this idea of being a part of this "popularity contest" but when she found out there was crafting involved, she jumped in feet first!  [Girl loves some crafts.]  "Momma I get to make a tshirt and a poster!!  Why wouldn't anyone want to do this?!"  That's my girl :) 

Picture from the Shelby Star Facebook Page
My favorite coach and his favorite girl 
In all honesty, she could have absolutely, 100% cared less about being considered for homecoming queen.  She is content with who she is and isn't the least bit interested in what everyone else thinks about her.  And, to make all of this spectacular, her bestest friends were all on the court too.  What a fantastically awesome night of fun.  God is so good and she is so blessed to have these wonderful girls in her life.  

She did come in first runner-up for Carrousel Princess.  I was a little sad for her that she didn't win but, as always, she responded with, "I never win anything so I am stoked about being first runner-up!  This isn't my thing - I've never been princess material and I am first runner-up!"  

I love her humility. 

I love her. 

Which brings me to a bit of a soapbox moment.....

Molly has been applying to college in the last month or so [I just wiped a lot of tears from my eyes] and I am super shocked at how many people want to share opinions on her college choices and test scores. [I have said this many times but it is worth sharing mess with my kids and you will see 7 different kinds of crazy. You've been warned.]

Molly knows what she wants from a college.  She has no desire to go to a big college.  She wants a small school that is close to home. [Bless her....she will live with us forever...and that's OK.]  Her top choices are North Greenville, UNCC, App State, and possibly GWU.  Her choices were made based on the fact that these are close to home, relatively small compared to NC State and UNC, and they have what she wants to study.

And as her parents we approve of her choices and are extremely proud of all that she has done.  She is ranked high in her class, she has done well on the SAT and ACT [but those things are not really anyone else's business].  Best of all, she loves the Lord.  She is genuine - what you see is what you get.  She isn't one Molly at church, another Molly at home, and then another Molly around all of her friends.  She is the same Molly all of the time.  

Hopefully, we've taught her to ignore these negative comments and move on with her dreams.  Molly's college choice doesn't really affect anyone but her and it is her choice.

On the same token, I am not overly concerned with where other kids are choosing to apply to and I certainly don't care what their SAT scores and class rank are [some parents get very consumed and want to publicly share that information whenever they are given a platform...or they create a platform...or they think someone else is listening].  I love to talk about my kids and their accomplishments but I try to be humble. [And if I'm ever not then please feel free to knock me down a notch or four.] I just feel like some things are private and talking about them with such bravado makes one look shallow.

[That and $.25 might get you a cup of coffee.]

As always, life as a Short couldn't be better :)