Thursday, January 31, 2013

Getting Some Perspective

How goes it peeps?  Did you give up on me? [or get your wish because you haven't had to read silly stories about my crazy kiddos?]   I've been here just haven't had the time to blog. 

There's been a lot going on with the Shorties.  Between school and sports and homework and work and church and stuff we really ain't sure if we are coming or going [but be guaranteed that we are running late..I cannot help is my ONE flaw]. It's bad that when we are spending a lot of time texting and calling just so we can stay connected.  I would settle for a slow down right now but I ain't seeing that in my future.  If I weren't such a smart alec I would get me a tag for my car that said "Mom's Taxi" but then I'd be forced to make fun of myself. [Why not join the crowd?] 

Speaking of making fun, I am pretty certain the cafeteria lady was making fun of me today.  I had a meeting that went into my lunch time.  Today was that day that I woke up super late so I didn't get to fix my lunch [yes, there are advantages to doing that the night before but that means I've got to get up off the couch, stop watching Duck Dynasty and Moonshiners and put myself ahead of the game....ain't nobody got time for that] so I was forced to eat lunch at school.  Well since the meeting lasted until the end of lunch I was in the line AFTER it closed.  And one lunch lady said something to the one taking my money, they both looked, then laughed.  Not going to lie when I say I felt a little like a middle schooler.  That's my last day eating semi-edbile food from the cafeteria.  I will stick it to the man [or at least the mean lunch lady].

Tonight I had one of those moments that makes my blood boil - don't mess with my children.  It will all work out [because I will have some satisfaction] and it is a life lesson.  I've said it once and I'll say it again ~ You want to see 7 different kinds of crazy then mess with one my kids. 

The whole situation was put into perspective when I really stopped to think about what it really important.  My children are happy and healthy.  Three of the four have had their salvation sealed by asking Jesus to live in them.  They have dreams and aspirations.  Each of them is uniquely loved by Craig and me. 

Today I realized that some parents are denied the opportunity to love and admire their children.  They can't do homework and count out 100 stickers at 9:30pm because their children are sick or missing or gone to Heaven.  Today I realized that while I am very upset about a situtation I am equally heartbroken for a student who is fighting for his life.  This made me think, "What right do I have to put so much emphasis on this really insignificant issue?"  None. Absolutely none.  God doesn't have any intentions of me spending time on this situation when others are facing death so young. 

Tomorrow a student will celebrate his 14th birthday.  Tomorrow KMMS will celebrate his strength.  Tomorrow I will get up and make sure all 4 Shorties get out the door [maybe on time and  maybe not...the jury is still out on that one] and get to school.  Tomorrow this student will get up and hope that he can visit his classmates and friends on ScottySTRONG day.  Tomorrow it really won't matter that I felt as if my son got a grade he didn't deserve. 

Scotty didn't ask for cancer.  He didn't ask to walk this road at such a young age.  

So my petty issues with online classes and missing assigments and levels really are just that  - petty.  God has bigger plans. His design in perfect.  His timing is impeccable.  His wisdom is infinite. 

Tomorrow, where ever you are, stop and think about being ScottySTRONG.  Stop and say a prayer for Scotty Hill.  Stop and thank God for all your troubles and sorrows as much as you thank Him for the good times.


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Say it Ain't So, Fat 30s, and Haskets

I have done it. 

I broke up with my love.
It was time we parted ways. 

This relationship was going no where. [Except my waist.]

That is correct ~ I am no longer a drinker.

I gave up Diet Sundrop. Say it AIN'T so!!!  That's correct ladies and is over....for a lot of reasons:
1. I am doing a Bible study on my new Nexus tablet [given to me by my favorite coach ♥ and the Shorties] about fasting on something that takes away from my focus on my walk with Christ. [Some of you are shaken the noggin' right now....stay with me.]  The study suggest that I give up something that cost me money and then give what I would have spent in those three weeks to honor Christ.  [I am thinking in 3 weeks I could have $300 or so.  Seriously.]
2. What a waste of money. Those things are ridiculous on the pocketbook. [And let's be honest ('cause no one likes a liar) the Shorties could use some moolah these days.]
3. I am not getting any younger. [Trust me, Gabe reminds me, DAILY about how old I am getting. Thanks Gabe.]
So there you have it.  The affair is out and it is over.  Wonder if I'll make headline news like that Broadwell chick and Petraeus?  I'll keep you posted....

My 30s were, well, [for lack of a better word] FAT for me.  Just fat.  I've been the fattest I've EVER been in my life for the past decade.  Time for that to end. [Notice this is not a love affair like Diet Sundrop and me. F-A-T I hate you. Sincerely hate you.] 10 years have been spent trying to squeeze into my clothes.  10 years spent not liking what I see in the mirror.  10 years of F-A-T.  No more. I do not like thinking that I didn't go to my 20 year reunion because I was too F-A-T and embarassed. I am not going to spend the next 10 years being the fat girl, having a hard time finding clothes, and feeling embarassed in EVERY single picture that is taken of me.  I've started off pretty good - been running since October and trying to really watch what I eat [sometimes that has included watching Peppermint Patties and ice cream going in my mouth...] - so hopefully that will pay off.  Of course, in typical I-Am-Male-Just-Let-Me-Mutter-Weight-Loss-And-AUTOMATICALLY-Lose-25-Pounds fashion my favorite coach has already lost about three times what I've lost [no, no....I'm not a bit jealous....*$#@*&^%]. So here's to you, Fat gone!!

In other Shortie adventures we had a fantastically awesome and blessed Christmas.  As always, all the time, God was so good to all of us.  [I ain't talkin' about the gifts.]  He gave us time with family and friends.  He kept us safe.  My Jesus #ROCKS!  

We did have to visit the funeral home and, in Gabe fashion, it turned out funnier than we expected.  I anticipated some questions [this ain't my first rodeo] from the militant midget so I tried to explain some things upfront.  I told him about the casket, about the flowers, about seeing the person in the casket and that he didn't have to look.  I explained that we would go through and look and then tell the family that we were sorry for their loss. 

I should have known with the first question:
Gabe: What did they lose?
Me: Their mommy and grandmother.
Gabe: Well where did she go?
Me: Well her body stayed here but her soul is with Jesus.  She is alive with Jesus.
Gabe: Without her body?  
Me [changing the subject]: What do you want for Christmas Gabe?

Later, just before entering the family room, I get this question:
Gabe: So just what do they do with that hasket? [Thank goodness I am well-versed in Gabenese and knew he meant casket.]
Me: What do you mean what do they do with it?
Gabe: Well do they just take it back outside for someone else to use next?
Me: No.  Remember visiting the cemetaries in Washington, DC?  They take the haskets, I mean caskets, to the cemetaries and bury them.
Gabe: Oh. That makes sense.

And finally, after entering the family room, he spotted the casket and his eyes got huge as he grabbed my hand:
Gabe: Where are her legs?  Did they cut them off?!
Me: No baby, they just open the top of the has- casket so you can tell her goodbye.  He legs are in the bottom part.
Gabe: Thank goodness!

If you are looking for sophistication and what-not you ain't gonna get it here.  This is just plain, honest [usually irrreverent] truth from the mouth of my babes. 

On a serious note, please keep Scotty Hill in your prayers. He is a current student who is battling stage 4 cancer.  He is fighting this beast already and I know that God is firmly holding Scotty and his family in His mighty hands.  Pray for continued support of the family, for Scotty to be able to eat and overcome  sickness, and for wisdom of the doctors that are treating Scotty.

On the flip side, a former student [and one of my all-time favorite people - EVER] Mr. Jay Robinson got a great report from his recent MRI.  He was diagnosed as a fifth grader with a brain stem tumor and has endured surgeries, radiation, and the effects of radiation.  He found out, just before Christmas, that the tumor is stable, looks smaller, and that he is in good shape to continue being awesome!  Jeremiah 29:11 says that Jesus has a hope and a future for us. For Me. For you. For Scotty. For Jay!  Love ya Jaybird!!

As always, life as a Shortie, is awesome!  Thanks for reading!